XRV Series Car Washer Gearbox For Automatic Car Wash System-XRV050 Gearmotor

The XRV050 worm reducer is a specially designed worm gear reducer for automatic car washers. It is renowned for its easy installation, low noise level, long lifespan, and high protection class. With a protection level that reaches IP56, this reducer is built to last. It is compatible with motor power ranging from 0.25kw to 0.75kw and comes with matching flanges, offering flexibility to meet varied customer needs.

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Car Wash Gearbox

The XRV Series Car Wash Gearmotor, specifically the XRV050 worm gear reducer, is designed for automatic car wash systems, offering easy installation and quiet operation. It has a long lifespan and high protection level up to IP56, making it durable and resistant to harsh conditions. Suitable for motor powers from 0.25kw to 0.75kw, it includes matching flanges for various customer needs and boasts a modular design for ease of maintenance.

The gearmotor features wheels made of SUS304+GcuSn12 for excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and its compact design fits most equipment structures. It uses full-synthetic oil for lubrication and has an ADC12 aluminum housing with powder paint for better corrosion resistance. Sealed with NOK oil seals and equipped with carburized and quenched worms, it ensures reliability and performance, with an IP67 grade suitable for most conditions.

XRV Series Car Wash Gearbox For Automatic Car Wash System

Features of Car Wash Gearmotor

  1. The modular design of every module, with more parts common.
  2. Extensive ratio range, more choice than standard RV reducer.
  3. Wheels material is SUS304+GcuSn12, to ensure high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  4. A compact body can fit most equipment structures.
  5. Full-synthetic oil lubrication (the viscosity of 320/220 can be chosen).
  6. The housing material is ADC12 with powder paint, which has better anticorrosive properties, and appearance.
  7. Sealing with NOK oil seal (NBR), good sealability.
  8. Worms material is 20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching, thickness 0.25-0.45mm, HRC58-62.
  9. IP Grade can reach IP67 and adapt to most spraying conditions.
XRV050 Worm Gearmotor XRV050 Worm Gearmotor

Specifications of XRV050 Car Washer Worm Gear Reducer

XRV050 Worm Gear Reducer Parameter

Type Ratio Flange Power
XRV050 5     7.5  10     12  15     20  30     40  50     60  80    100 71B14 0.18KW     0.25KW    0.37KW    0.55KW    0.75KW     1.1KW
Type i n2/r/min Mn2/Nm Fr2/N Motor P1/kw L/mm
XRV050 5 280 17 1577 7134 0.55 180
280 23 1577 8024 0.75 205
7.5 187 25 1805 7134 0.55 180
187 34 1805 8024 0.75 205
10 140 22 1987 7124 0.37 180
140 32 1987 7134 0.55 180
140 44 1987 8024 0.75 205
12 117 26 2016 7124 0.37 180
117 33 2016 7134 0.55 205
117 48 2016 8024 0.75 205
15 93 31 2274 7124 0.37 180
93 46 2274 7134 0.55 180
93 63 2274 8024 0.75 205
20 70 27 2503 7114 0.25 180
70 40 2503 7124 0.37 180
70 59 2503 7134 0.55 180
70 81 2503 8024 0.75 205
25 56 32 2696 7114 0.25 180
56 48 2696 7124 0.37 180
56 71 2696 7134 0.55 180
30 47 37 2865 7114 0.25 180
47 55 2865 7124 0.37 180
47 81 2865 7134 0.55 180
40 35 33 3153 7114 0.25 180
35 46 3153 7124 0.37 180
35 68 3153 7134 0.55 180
50 28 54 3397 7114 0.25 180
28 72 3397 7124 0.37 180
28 80 3397 7134 0.55 180
52 27 55 3482 7114 0.25 180
27 73 3482 7124 0.37 180
27 82 3482 7134 0.55 180
60 23 60 3610 7114 0.25 180
23 75 3610 7124 0.37 180
23 84 3610 7134 0.55 180
80 18 64 3973 7114 0.25 180
18 77 3973 7124 0.37 180
18 89 3973 7134 0.55 180
100 14 68 4280 7114 0.25 180
14 79 4280 7124 0.37 180
14 93 4280 7134 0.55 180


Applications of Worm Gearbox for Car Washing Machine

The Worm Gear Reducers are highly versatile components used in car washing machines to facilitate the efficient operation of rotary brushes. The XRV050 Worm Gearbox plays a vital role in car washing machines, particularly in facilitating the efficient operation of rotary brushes. Its functions encompass power transmission, speed control, compact design, durability, and noise reduction, all of which contribute to the overall effectiveness and reliability of the car washing process. The XRV050 model's specific design characteristics and capabilities make it a preferred choice for car wash machine manufacturers and operators seeking superior performance and longevity.

XRV Series Car Wash Gearbox For Automatic Car Wash System

Automatic Roll-Over Car Washers: These cutting-edge car washers employ multiple large rotating brushes to thoroughly cleanse vehicles. To ensure optimal performance, worm gear reducers are utilized to drive these brushes, guaranteeing they rotate at the ideal speed to effectively eliminate dirt and debris from the vehicle's surface.

Tunnel Car Wash Systems: In these systems, vehicles traverse through a fixed tunnel equipped with an array of advanced cleaning and waxing devices. To provide consistent power output, worm gearmotors are commonly employed to drive the rotating brushes or rollers integrated within these devices.

Touch and Touchless Car Wash Systems: The latest car wash systems offer both touch and touchless options to cater to diverse preferences. In touch systems, rotating brushes make direct contact with the vehicle surface to perform the cleaning process. Conversely, touchless systems rely on high-pressure water jets to accomplish the task. In touch systems, the implementation of worm gearboxes assists in precisely controlling the speed and pressure of the brushes. This ensures effective cleaning without causing any damage to the vehicle's paintwork.

XRV050 Worm Gearmotor Application XRV050 Worm Gearmotor Application


How Does an Automatic Car Wash Gearmotor Work?

XRV Series Car Wash Gearbox For Automatic Car Wash System

An automatic car wash gearmotor is a crucial component in the operation of an automatic car wash system. It is responsible for powering the movement of various components, such as brushes, conveyors, and sprayers, that are involved in the car washing process. While specific designs may vary, here is a general overview of how an automatic car wash gearmotor works:

  1. Motor: The gearmotor consists of an electric motor as its primary power source. The motor is typically an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) motor, depending on the design of the car wash system. AC motors are commonly used in commercial car washes, while DC motors may be found in smaller or portable car wash systems.
  2. Gearbox: The motor is connected to a gearbox, which is responsible for reducing the high-speed rotation of the motor to a lower speed with higher torque. The gearbox contains a series of gears, such as worm gears, planetary gears, or spur gears, depending on the specific design. These gears work together to achieve the desired speed and torque conversion.
  3. Power transmission: The output shaft of the gearbox is connected to a system of belts, chains, or direct couplings, depending on the design of the car wash system. This power transmission mechanism transfers the rotational motion from the gearmotor to the various components that require movement.
  4. Control system: The gearmotor is controlled by a central control system that manages the operation of the car wash. This control system receives input from sensors, switches, or automated triggers and sends signals to the gearmotor to initiate specific movements at the appropriate times. For example, it may activate the motor to start the conveyor belt or engage the brushes when a vehicle enters the car wash.
  5. Safety features: Automatic car wash gearmotors often incorporate safety features to prevent damage or accidents. These can include limit switches or sensors that detect obstructions or excessive force, emergency stop buttons, and overload protection mechanisms. These safety features help ensure the gearmotor operates within safe parameters and protect both the equipment and the vehicles being washed.

By combining the power of the motor, the speed reduction of the gearbox, and the controlled power transmission, the automatic car wash gearmotor enables the synchronized movement of various components, providing an efficient and effective car washing process.

Motors for Worm Gear Reducers

Our XRV050 series reducer is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of electric motors, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. We also offer a range of electric motors to pair with our reducers, catering to a wide range of power requirements.

Motor Dimensions

IP67 Motor Dimension

IP67 Motor Dimension

IP56 Motor Dimension

IP56 Motor Dimension

Type IP56 Motor IP67 Motor
71B14 190 140 85 14 M6 180 120 85 14 M6
80B14 215 158 100 19 M6 205 135 100 19 M6


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