Track Drive

The HZPT planetary transmission has a variety of track transmission series. These drives are used for crawler driven machines, such as hydraulic excavators, drilling rigs, bulldozers, cranes, etc. These track drives have a rugged design with tapered roller bearings and are available in single, double or triple stages depending on the speed ratio. If required, equip the parking brake and neutral device.


Track Drives

400T series track drive planetary gearbox is a special gear reducer for tracked vehicles and earth moving machinery. The reduction gearbox has a heavy housing, short overall length, and large radial and axial load capacity.
Our gearbox is equipped with an integrated multi disc parking brake designed for direct mounting of hydraulic plug-in motors. The carefully selected materials and designs enable our gear reducers to be used in the worst environments. 400T series gearbox is the perfect transmission solution for crawler landing gear, drilling, crushing, screening and pile driver.

 planetary gearbox wheel drive planetary gearbox wheel drive


Type Max. torque N.m Range of ratios (i) Max. Input speed (rpm) Braking torque (N.m)
EP400T1 1300 6.09 1000 130
EP401T1 2000 6.2 1000 270
EP402T2 5000 12.4-37.1 3500
EP403T2 7000 15.4-40 3500 270
EP405T 10000 20-80 3500 270
EP405.4T 11000 26-57 3500 280
EP406AT 17000 23-220 3500 430
EP406T 18000 28-140 3500 430
EP406BT3 24000 63-136 3500 430
EP407AT 26000 38-136 3500 430-530
EP407T3 36000 63-136 3500 530
EP410T3 50000 62-177 3500 530
EP413T3 60000 86-172 3500 610
EP414T3 80000 76-186 3500 1200
EP415T3 110000 81-215 3000 1200
EP416T3 160000 87-255 3000 2000
EP417T3 220000 123-365 3000 2000
EP418T3 270000 166-364 3000 2000
EP419T3 330000 161-306 2500 3000
EP420T4 450000 296-421 2500 1700

Track drive system

The track drive system pushes the paver. The track drive system is a parallel system that drives the left and right tracks. The main components of the track drive system are as follows:

  1.  Hydraulic propulsion motor.
    The hydraulic propel motor is a two speed fixed displacement motor. High speed or low speed selection is made by the movable internal port board. The high speed or low speed port plate position is controlled by a solenoid valve activated by a travel switch on the operator’s instrument panel. The motor shaft is matched with the reduction gearbox. The hydraulic power of the drive motor is provided by the hydraulic propulsion pump.
  2. Reduction gearbox and brake
    The reduction gearbox is mounted to the drive hub assembly from inside the paver frame. The gearbox converts high speed and low torque input into low speed and high torque output. When all hydraulic power is lost or the control handle is placed in the neutral position, the hydraulic release brake with an integral spring is engaged.
  3. Drive sprocket gear.
    The drive sprocket is directly connected to the drive hub shaft inside the drive hub assembly and to the reduction gearbox. The shaft rotates on two sets of tapered bearings. The drive sprocket is bolted to the outer side of the drive hub assembly